How to use the service storage of screenshots and images

1. Use of this service constitutes your full acceptance of these rules.

2. The service is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, express or implied.

3. The service is intended for simple and rapid publication of graphic files and screenshots on the Internet.

4. Do not use the service to publish pornography, violence, child pornography, images of anti-state, images that violate a person's right to privacy, the images, the publication of which, in any way contrary to the laws of the Russian Federation and morality.

5. In order to ensure compliance with the rules of service and surgical removal of images that do not conform to the rules of service, all the images are checked by moderators service. Images are available immediately after boot, regardless of whether they are verified by a moderator or not.

6. Images, contrary to this Regulation are deleted as they are discovered.

7. The administration reserves the right to remove any images without notice. As well as prohibiting the use of the service on certain sites (usually as a result of gross violations of paragraph 4 of the present rules).

8. The administration is not responsible for the contents of the image (file).

9. For details about the user (eg, IP-address, or E-mail), upload images to a service, not available publicly but are retained and are available to the administrator of service, and can be issued by the relevant authorities at the official request, if there is serious speculation that have been violated service rules and legislation of the Russian Federation.

10. images are copyrighted by their owners.

11. Images posted in the framework of our services are available publicly. However, to view a particular image may be the only one who knows the key image (link). However, it is not recommended to download the image to our service with confidential information (for example, scans of secret documents) t. To. The code image may be picked up by third parties.

12. The shelf life is not limited to images. The images are stored as long as they are used and are removed only if for 2 months (60 days), it does not occur to any treatment. However, the image, which have not been accessed within 7 days from the date of loading, can be attributed to incorrectly loaded and removed earlier.

13. The image storage service is provided completely free and does not require, under any pretext, payment via SMS or transfer of funds. The exception, providing extra. Storage services specified person with the user via e-mail or feedback form.

14. Additional software products on this site, developed by a team of «D-Image Soft», distributed free of charge and shall not harm the operating system on your computer.

15. Team «D-Image Soft» is not responsible for software downloaded from other sources and storage sites. The original software products are only available in the current resource.

16. At the site there are various service links (advertising, etc.). Service Administration assumes no responsibility for the content of Internet resources (sites), which are those links.


Sincerely, «D-Image Soft» 


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