Image Library FX v1.0 for Delphi

Image Library FX for Delphi x32-x64

ImageLib FX - free library containing a set of functions for manipulating and processing bitmap images. With ImageLibFX library, you can quickly and easily create an application that allows you to edit photos or images. To connect it to your project, you do not need any special expertise, the whole process only takes a minute. The library is implemented as a dll and is available for 32 and 64-bit Delphi application.


Currently, the library ImageLib FX is under construction, if you have suggestions for additions or functionality you find errors when working, please let me know by using the feedback form.


To date, the Library works only with images RGB color depth of the pixel is equal to 24-bit (8 bits per color channel)! 


The library includes the following functions:

  • Adjust the brightness, contrast and gamma of the image;
  • Convert the image to grayscale;
  • Reverse all the colors;
  • Disabling a color channel (RGB);
  • Imposition of the effect of "sepia";
  • Adding the effect of noise, or "pixels".


The composition of the assembly:

  • ImageLib FX.pas and ImageLib FX.dcu - header file describing all the functions included in the library;
  • ImageLibFX.dll - 32 bit libraries;
  • ImageLibFX_x64.dll - 64-bit library;
  • Examples of work with each function.

An example of the functions and describes the functions are located in the help section.


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