Help with setting up and working with the program Capture Image Screen

Installing and Upgrading

Setup Capture Image Screen program just like any other Windows application. By clicking "Next", you can easily install the application on your computer. The default installation directory «Program Files».


To update the program Capture Image Screen to the latest version, you should download the latest version, stop working application, remove the installer from the archive and run it. Specify the path to the previously established application. If you are installing a default, the only presses "Next".


Access application settings

To access the settings window Capture Image Screen, you must right-click on the program icon, which is located in the lower panel Windows (near the system clock). Once open the context menu. In the menu, select "Settings ..."

 After the open window with the program settings.


Tab "Settings"

In this tab, you can assign a hot key or key combination to capture an image, select the language, place or remove a check mark "Run at the start of Windows». By default, the application starts with Windows.


Tab "Capture"

In the group of radio buttons "capture region", select your preferred method of capture.

  • Full Screen - produced a snapshot of the entire screen;
  • The active window entirely - capture only a selected window;
  • The selected area - in this case, you do highlight the desired pick-up area.

The switch "Capture the mouse pointer" if the check box is selected, then the screenshot will attend mouse.

Switch "preview image", if checked, after the capture of the image will be displayed in the preview window and wait for confirmation to proceed.


Tab "Save"

In this tab, the output result of the capture image.

Group switches "Save image ..."

  • in Buffer exchange - if checked, the captured image will be placed in the system clipboard, and will be available to any graphical application (eg, Paint) or text editor supports inserting images (Word).
  • in a file on your hard drive - if checked, the image will be saved to a file. Settings file type discussed in the next section. The settings file name and path are located in the "File name and path".
  • on the Web-server and get a link - if checked, after the capture of the image will be converted in accordance with the type and quality settings in the tab "Image" and sent to the server The function is available for free. Setting up access to the server is done in the tab «Web settings" see. Below.


Tab "Image"

In this tab, you are invited to make an adjustment of the output image file, choose its type, set the compression quality, set the size, convert to grayscale.


For JPEG - 100% best quality.

For PNG - best quality, if installed - 0.

These parameters affect the size of the output file.


Tab «Web settings"

To access the Web-server you need an access key. No more registration is not required.

To get the key, you must enter the email address to which you have access, and then click "Get key". After that, the specified address will be sent a confirmation code to be entered in the window that appears

If the confirmation code is correct, you will get access key, which will automatically be inserted in the "Access Key".


Management Web-storage.

For view or obtain links to uploaded images, you need to click once on the icon in the system tray, or from the context menu select «Web store".

For download the pictures, which were not loaded due to network problems, check them in the list and click "Download".

For remove, just select the images and click "Delete". 

Attention! In this case, the selected images will be permanently deleted from the server.

Important!!! Before uploading images to the server that you read the service


In case of problems in the application error, or you have any suggestions to improve and expand functionality, write to the email address, or use the feedback form.


Sincerely, The D-Image Soft.



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